Master of Eternity Wiki

Aries 2-1 (Left) Map


W = Wall, GC = Gold Cube, LC = Life Cube

1 - 6 = Your units, in order of team composition, Friend unit is 6.

A# = Enemies

B# = Enemies, appear after A1 reduced to half health.

D# = Destination markers, to specified area, appear once all A# and B# enemies are destroyed.


A1: Aries Guardian Sharatan (Elite Assault). CP 1083, HP 1253. Special Attack: Stun Punch (Unit push to 4 squares, chance to stun).

A2, A4: Imperial Army Support. CP 886, HP 630. Special attack: Heal (single unit)

A3: Imperial Scout Sniper. CP 882, HP 506.

B1, B2, B6: Imperial Scout Bombardier. CP 854, HP 573.

B3, B4: Imperial Scout Assault. CP 888, HP 785. Special attack: Wave (unit + 3 squares)

B5: Imperial Army Assault. CP 888, HP 783.

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