Master of Eternity Wiki


P2W or F2P[]

MoE is a very free-to-play friendly game. There is no need for "re-rolling" at all. Most suits and all pixies can be obtain within time. The differences between F2P and players who make real money purchases are only noticeable early on. This is because all new players will be lacking many types of resources. Worry not, as this beginner's guide focus and aim is to guide any type of players into the start of late game.

Getting Started[]


  • AP or action points are needed to do missions.
  • Gems are the premium currency of the game that can be purchased with real money.
  • Credits are used for suit development
  • Hearts are used for pixie development and buying presents
  • FP or friendship points are use for FP suit draws
  • Mini-mini or Mini2 is a type of suit used as fodder to level up suits.

Progression in MoE is limited by your resources specifically your AP and gems. AP is valuable because missions are the main source to obtain gems, credits, hearts, friendship points(fp), and mini-mini (fodder for suit exp or evolution). This also means that AP is scarce because you will need to balance between farming for more resources and story progression.

Story progression is important because better farm maps and daily missions are lock behind later chapters. Early on it is best to invest a single strong suit because it will progress further you further in normal and story missions than a balance team could. Around the start of chapter 5 is when you should update the rest of your team.

Gems can buy almost anything. For F2P and to an extent casual spenders, starting gems are limited and there are many things to buy. Inefficient spending of gems can lead to slow progression. These suggestions are based at certain points in the story where players will experience in spike in growth/cpower. AP tickets will always be needed at any point in story progression. Convert gems into AP tickets when your stock is low or out. Though it is always better to hold onto gems as best as you can.

NOTE: There might be special events that will guarantee a US-rank suit by farming normal missions in the near future. It is recommended to conserved as much gems/ap tickets for this event (at least 30 Ap ticket or gem equivalent) .

Starting off and onward:

Conserve your gems

  • Buy once and then as needed: AP tickets 10+1 pack [500 gems]
  • Exploration ship 2 [300 gems]
  • Hangar space up to 100-150 slots and Parts space to 50-80 slots.
    • This should give decent room for continuous auto battles such that you don't have to sell stuff every 1-3 battles.
  • Waifu Reasons (only if you don’t care about fast progression)
    • This goes against conserving your gems. If love seeing your waifu in the most stylish outfits and rooms then do it. Don’t get burnt out waiting to use gems because of these suggestions.

Chp 5-30 cleared and onwards:

This is when the game truly starts. At this point you will be be able to access many new content and pixies. Your team should be strong enough to tackle operations.

  • Buy AP tickets 10+1 pack [500 gems] when out or if needed for an event
  • Buy operations when you have reached the recommended cp suggestion.
    • Operations unlock more pixies and their preferred suits for you to use. Giving you more options to tackle harder missions and access to some top tier suits. You also get a bonus 40-50 total decoration points with each unlock pixie.
  • Get Exploration ship 3 [500 gems] only if you can auto explore temple 1 every 10 minutes and/or you have unlock the 6th temple Virgo.
  • Gem suit draw only if good event.

Chp 6-35 cleared and onwards:

This is when you unlock daily missions that will allow you to farm for S2-rank minis. Always use Asgard Tickets when enhancing with S2-rank or higher minis unless there is an enhancing event. To reduce the cost of Asgard Tickets and credits try to match your minis’ class with the suit your enhancing because it gives more exp. Expect to start facing some credit/heart shortages here or soon, so use AP tickets to farm if need. Your progress in simulator should be somewhere in server 2 and possible in server 3. If you can’t tackle server 3 yet don’t bother using any of your clear tickets in server 2.

  • Buy Ap tickets 10+1 pack [500 gems] when out or if needed for an event
  • Asgard Enhancement tickets [10 = 200 gems]
    • Buy once or twice if empty and use only when leveling S2 and S3 suits
    • Use only when using fodder mats S2-rank or higher
  • Auto-Clear Ticket [100 = 360 gems]
    • Around this time your team can’t 100% auto clear simulator server 2 yet. Start using these tickets to auto clear all of server 2 to have a full party ready to attempt to tackle server 3.
  • Waifu reasons

Chp 7-40 cleared and onwards:

Congratulations you made it to endgame. You are free to spend your gems however you want as progression from this point onward is reliant on luck. You can now farm S3 minis with a chance to drop US minis from daily missions. If you need a power boost then reset the entry for the [Advance: Hard Battle Training] on days with 2 guaranteed mini drops (not recommend for strictly f2p). The simulated rebellion daily missions are worth to reset (for one class type) if you do not have a US-rank suit and have some spare gems. Endgame depends on parts (obtained from temples). If you see a S3-rank part (especially weapons) from the reward screen after clearing the 3rd level of a temple make sure to obtain it, using gems if need to.

  • Buy Ap tickets 10+1 pack [500 gems] when out or if needed for an event
  • Temple Drop Picker 2nd pick [100 gems] and 3rd pick [350 gems]
    • If you see a S3-rank part (especially weapons) spend gems to ensure you get them. This will save on huge amount of time and effort.
  • Battle Training Mission Entry Resets : Advance: Hard Battle Training [1600 gems]
    • Very pricey, reset only if you desperately need the suit exp (not recommended for strictly F2P)
  • Simulated Rebellion Battle Entry Resets: Normal [450 gems] and Hard [500 gems]
    • Only if you do not own any US-suits. Reset only normal and hard on days that drop rebellion crux for the class you want to raise to US-rank.
  • Expand Hangar to 500 and Parts to 250 slots
    • By this time hangar slots are very useful for hoarding minis for like enhancement events or having lots of suits to work on. To a less priority parts space is for storing enhancement fodder since you will be enhancing a lot late game.
  • Waifu Reasons

Resource Management[]

AP (Action Points)[]

Basic Tips:

  • You gain 2 AP every 5 minutes.
  • Upon leveling up, your max AP will raised by 3. If your current AP is lower than that, your AP will be fully restored. Therefore, using up all AP before leveling up is recommended.
  • Auto Explore from Temples gives player EXP.
  • Daily Missions don't give player EXP.
  • AP tickets give 170 AP and can go over the current AP cap.

Efficient AP Use:

Daily Missions > Story Missions > Temples

Daily Missions:

  • Best place to farm for suit enhancement/modification materials.

Story Missions:

  • Clear 5-30 to unlock S2-rank Mini-Mini daily.
  • Clear 7-40 to unlock S3-rank Mini-Mini daily and Extreme daily.
  • Clear 8-45 to unlock Extreme daily(Hard).
  • Repeat Normal Misions to farm for Credit, Pixie EXP, FP, and Heart. See more details at Best Places to Farm.


  • Best place to farm Parts.


Main currency for suit development. Cost for developing high rank suit is VERY EXPENSIVE and you will often end up with inefficient credits.

Credit Income:

  • Daily Challenges: These are daily quests that offer gold based on your current story progress. Early on the rewards might not seem much, but as you get further in the story they will give a good amount of credits. The quest often require to do easy tasks and some cost no AP in order to complete. Try to do these everyday.
  • Normal Mission: The best spot to farm for credits in general will be the fastest normal mission in the story you can auto battle. See Best Places to Farm for more information.
  • Daily Mission: Not to be confused with the challenges. On Friday all [Battle Training] will reward credits. The higher the difficulty the more credits rewarded. Once your overall suit rank is S2 or higher start selling A-rank and below mini-mini for credits.
  • Other: You can also get one time rewards from daily attendance, on-time login events, repeat challenges, and first time 3 star story/normal mission clears.

Efficient Credit Use:

1. Suit Enhancement:

  • See Suits for EXP needed for leveling your suits.
  • Do not enhance with fodder 2 ranks below the main suit. (E.g. Main suit: S-rank then use fodder no lower than B-rank)
  • Always use fodder of the same class as the main suit for EXP bonus.
  • Always use an Asgard ticket when enhancing suit when using S2/S3 fodders.

2. Parts Enhancement:

  • Ignore parts enhancement until you get level 61 parts. Equip whatever you find until then.
  • Once you get level 61 parts, equip and enhance S-rank parts with recommended bonuses. See Parts for information on recommended bonuses.
  • From level 71 parts and onwards, strive for S3-rank parts.


Hearts are primary use for development of pixies. The funny thing about hearts is that it becomes scarce only when you need to use it. Starting off hearts will be scarce because you will be spending them on gifts and episodes to awaken your pixies. Afterwards and until you unlock simulator there isn’t much you can do with hearts besides buy more gifts. Its when you have unlock simulator that hearts become important again because they are needed for genic seed crafting. Don’t worry too much about hearts management as you will gain it when farming credits. However, spend your hearts wisely as it takes some time and ap to farm them back again. It is best to spend hearts on the 5 pixies that will make up your main team. Check game mode section for more information on simulator. Check the pixie section for more information on pixies and genic seeds.

Heart Income:

  • Normal Mission: You can farm hearts in normal missions. See Best Places to Farm for more information.
  • Daily Mission: Not to be confused with the challenges. On Wednesday all [Battle Training] will reward Hearts. The higher the difficulty the more Hearts rewarded.
  • Pixie Request: Sometimes, pixie will give you Hearts when you fulfill her request.
  • Decoration Challenge: You can earn Hearts daily, once your total decoration points reaches the target.
  • Simulator: Genic Seed materials can be sold for Hearts
  • Other: You can also get one time rewards from daily attendance, on-time login events, repeat challenges.

Efficient Heart Use:

1. Awaken all pixies:

  • Some of the top tier pref suits and pixies can only be unlocked when you awaken certain pixies.
  • Any exp gain on a non-awaken pixies at max lvl 30 is wasted.
  • Using guide for playing episode is recommend as every failure attempts consume Heart. See Pixies for more information.

2. Genic Seed:

  • Spend hearts on Genic seed of your 5 main pixies (specifically bombardiers/snipers to maximize team damage potential).

Note: There is no reason to rank up the TOTAL Genic seed to the next level unless you can farm the next server level. This will be explained further in the pixie section.

3. Raising Pixie Bond:

  • Raise the bond of 5 main pixies to bond level 9 for extra skill points. (Pixie gain 2 skill points for each episodes played after episode 5.)

After your 5 main pixies are at bond level 9 and have all their stat Genic seed developed to the highest level possible feel free to spend hearts on whatever you want. You can choose to bond with other pixies or unlock new outfits.

Friendship Point[]

Friendship Points (FP) are used in the shop for both Friendship Suit draw and the purchase of Raid Tickets.

Shop Rates:

  • Single Friendship Draw Suit for 100 points (Between B and S3 Grade)
  • Ten Friendship Draw Suits for 1000 points (Between B and S3 Grade)
  • Fifty Raid Tickets for 300 points

Friendship points are earned when your friends send them to you daily, through events, and whenever you take a friend with you into battle.

One of the daily challenges is to send co-op (friendship) points to your friends. You send co-op point from the Friends menu (top right of the main screen.)


Gems are the premium currency of the game. They can be use to buy almost everything in the game. Worry not, MoE provides a decent gem income every week for all active players. However, starting F2P and to an extent casual $$$ spenders will need to use gems wisefully or expect setbacks in progression. If you are unsure about whether to spend gems, it is always better to keep your gems. Of course you can ask around on reddit and/or discord.

Gems Income:

  • Daily Challenges: These are daily quests that offer Gems based on your current story progress. The quest often require to do easy tasks and some cost no AP in order to complete. Try to do these everyday.
  • Story Mission: You may earn Gems as 3 stars reward for completing story missions.
  • Quick Mission: There're 2 Quick Mission availble daily that can be completed for 25 Gems each. (Available at [12:00 - 14:00] PDT and [18:00 - 20:00] PDT)
  • Battle Field: You can earn Gems as Ranking rewards and total accumulated point rewards weekly.
  • Pixie Request: Sometimes, pixie will give you Gems when you fulfill her request.
  • Other: You can also get one time rewards from daily attendance, on-time login events, repeat challenges.

Efficient Gems Use:

  • Ap tickets 10+1 pack [500 gems] (BEST SAFE INVESTMENT OF GEMS)

This is where almost everyone will be spending their gems. Ap tickets allow you to do mission to farm for pretty much everything. The game worded it weird, the +1 ticket in 10+1 pack and 170 ap charge ticket are the same

  • Exploration ship 2 [300 gems]
  • Exploration ship 3 [500 gems]
  • New pixie operations [250 gems for each operation so far]
  • Storage Space: Hangar [50 gems] and parts [100 gems]. Buy until comfortable amount/increase as needed. Max hangar/parts storage space is 500 slots.
  • Invest in decorations over time when you have free gems.
    • 1,500 points is needed for 80 hearts a day. Each pixie unlocked will net 40-50 decoration points to the total.
    • Currently the Wall (R) decoration Charming Kitchen[100 gems] is worth 40 decoration points. Best value of decoration points to gems.
    • Note: Total decoration points is calculated from the total amount of all decorations brought. You do not necessarily have to equip a decoration to for the points to be counted in the total.
  • Asgard Enhancement tickets [10 = 200 gems]
    • Use only when leveling S2, S3, and US suits
  • Auto-Clear Ticket [100 = 360 gems]
    • Buy only as needed to ensure maximum simulator clears per day.
  • Gacha/gem suit draws: only spend here if your feeling lucky or a good event is happening or going for a guarantee US draw
  • DO NOT BUY outfits that can be unlocked from episodes
  • Waifu reasons