Master of Eternity Wiki

What is a Suit?[]

Suits are the mechas operated by the pixies. Suits are categorize into 4 classes with each having a specific role.

  • Assault: These suits are on the front lines drawing attention away from your other suits. They have the highest movement speed of up to 5 spaces, but can only target attack enemies within close quarters tiles. Their main purpose is to take the brunt of the damage and drawing enemy aggro, but some assault suits are better geared for damage.
  • Support: These suits provide buffs and/or healing to the team on the battlefield. They are not good at dealing damage, but can act as an off tank to protect your damage dealers in the event your Assault is shot down. They can move up to 4 spaces and have an attack range of 4 spaces and can attack close quarters diagonal tiles. Supports heals are based off of their Attack.
  • Bombardier: These suits are excellent at clearing mobs away. They specialize in mid-range combat and can shoot over walls and obstacles. Although they can only move up to 3 tiles, their attacks hit in an AOE cross tile like area. They cannot attack enemies close to them, so use Assaults to stop the enemy advances. Bombardiers have very poor accuracy and will be to be supplement by parts later on.
  • Sniper: The heavy guns of the team. Snipers are your glass cannon elite/boss killers. They are long range attackers and can hit anything up to 7 tiles away. However, they cannot target enemies in tiles diagonally from them and can only move up to 3 tiles. Snipers also are weak defensively, so be sure to protect them.