Debris Training Support

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Summary[edit | edit source]

Manufactured by H Electronics. A support suit used by training Alliance Army Pixies

Stats[edit | edit source]

Debris Training Support (C) Cost
VoiceOnly.png lv.1 lv.10 CRT% 2.8% N/A
Hp 480 N/A Crit 120.2% Height
Mp 100 N/A CNTR 14.9% N/A
ATK 109 N/A STNΩ 9.3% Weight
DEF 40 N/A FRZΩ 4.7% N/A
ACC 100 N/A SILΩ 0% Output
EVA 116 N/A ACDΩ 4.7% N/A

Skills[edit | edit source]

Normal Attack 1
Skill bullet normal attack active.png MP Recycle Inflicts damage equal to 100% of Attack to the target.
0 0 turns
Area Care 1
Skill area healing dot active.png MP Recycle Restore HP of allies within range equal to 80% of Attack for 2 turns.
20 3 turns
Area Cure
Skill cure single active.png MP Recycle Remove all harmful status effects from allies within range
35 3 turns