Master of Eternity Wiki

Menu Layout[]

Main Page.jpg

Top Left Corner[]

Player Level:

  • The current max level is 40.
  • When you reach a new level, your AP/BP will be fully recovered and your max AP goes up by 3.
  • Player level determines your ‘suggested friends’. High level player has higher chance to see a strong suit in random suggestion, before starting a mission.


AP (Action Points):

  • This might be known as stamina or play points. You need this to play in all game modes besides Simulator and Battlefield.
  • 2 AP is recovered every 5 minutes.

BP (Battle Points):

  • This is used for playing in the Battlefield.
  • BP can be restored using BP potions from the shop.
  • 1 BP is recovered every 30 minutes


  • Credits are the main currency for suit development
  • Credits can be earned by completing missions and from Daily Challenges


  • Gems are the premium currency of the game:
  • Everything can be bought with gems from items, more entries to missions/special maps, credits, you name it.
  • Not recommended: Also used for drawing suits, commonly known as the “gacha”.
  • There will be a section on how to spend your gems down below.

Top Right Corner[]

Mail Box:

  • This is where you collect various items from events and rewards.

Friends List:

  • This is a list of your friends. Adding a friend will allow you to take them to battle once a day. This will be further explained in detail below.

Sub Menu:

Sub Menu.jpg

  • You're recommended to checked out the “Help” section. It contains simple to understand tutorials on the basis of this game with cute art.
  • In the Gallery, you can replay the main two cut-scenes (The anime Intro and Prologue).

Right Side[]


  • Contains the current list of available suits and their stats.
  • Contains lore regarding suits and how individual Pixies think about their preferred suits.
  • There is no gameplay feature to this. It’s mostly for people who like seeing what suits are available, and what suits can be collected.


  • This is where you organise your teams.
  • Three different teams are available for Normal missions, named ABC

This is also where you can change the suit a pixie pilots.

  • Teams used in Battlefield, named α and β are changed here as well.


Special Missions:

  • There are currently five different game modes under Special Missions.
  • Daily Mission: as the name implies, give daily missions, this is also where you find timed quick events.
  • Temples: are your main sources of Crux crystal, needed for evolutions and for getting high quality weapons and parts; and EXP/item farming.
  • Simulator: is unlocked by beating the 5-5 story mission and is the only way to acquire Genic Seed materials.
  • Operations: are special missions that rewards a Pixie upon completing four difficult stages.
  • Battlefield: is a DPS-race where only a certain combination of Pixies can be used. This is where BP is used. Further details will be covered as well.


The main bulk of the game is here. See how the plot develops and get Pixies and gems by completing missions. Story missions have a neat storyline and normal missions are where you farm for resources/materials.

Bottom Left[]

Pixie Room:

  • This is where you can interact with your Pixies, give gifts and play their episodes. You unlock new Pixies by using hearts (another currency). Details on how to get hearts, and the requirements for each Pixie, and the episode guides will be covered in-depth below.


  • The shop has it all. A guide on making smart shopping decisions will also be posted below (real money tips included for you small-time payers and whales).


  • This is where your quests are. There are three types of quests:
  • Daily quests that features the same quests everyday.
  • Day of the Week quests that features unique quests and rewards depending on what day of the week is.
  • Note: Both types of daily quest gives out rewards based on how far you are in the story.
  • Repeat challenges are indefinite quests that have tiers. Can be completed anytime, anywhere

Mission Operations[]

Auto Battle Mode[]

Daily missions and Chapter Missions that appear in Blue in the Chapter list can be set to auto-battle. In Auto-play, the game AI makes move on your behalf. To turn auto-play on and off, you select the Auto icon in the top right of the battle screen or you can select the auto icon in the bottom right of the team selection screen prior to the battle. When in auto-battle mode, team members cannot be resurrected.

Cheer-Up Points[]

A Cheer-Up meter is displayed at the top right of the battle screen. Cheer-up points are required for your Pixie's to use their special abilities, their 4th skill. Each time an enemy is killed there is a chance that each awakened Pixie will contribute 10 cheer-up points. At the start of each battle you begin with 30 cheer-up points per awakened Pixie on your team, up to a maximum of 120 points.

Rotate Screen[]

In the top right of the battle screen mode, you will find a rotate screen button. This can be used to rotate the 3D view by 90 degrees. Each time you press the button the screen will be rotated another 90 degrees. Pressing the button 4 times will return the screen to the original view.

Select Unit[]

During manual battle play (auto-battle turned off) you may press the Select Unit button to cycle through your Pixies who still have a move left in this turn. In some cases, it may be strategic to move your Pixies in a different order than they appear on your team. For instance, a Pixie may be blocking another Pixie from reaching a desired location and you need to move that Pixie out of the way first. It may also be advantageous to you to use a Pixie with a lower-attack power to end a particular level in a multi-level mission, so that your more powerful Pixies will still be available to act when they arrive at the new level.

Speed-Up Battle[]

In the top right of the battle screen between the Auto button and the Rotate Screen button you will find a button that accelerates the action . Pressing the button will cycle between speed-up and normal speed. After playing the first few missions, you may find it is useful to leave the speed-up on.


In the bottom right of the battle screen you will find a large Wait button. This button ends a Pixie's turn. There are times when you may need to end a Pixie's turn without moving or acting. This button will allow you to proceed. Once you press Wait, the currently active Pixie's turn has ended for this round and she must wait until the next round to move or attack. Note that you can use the Select Unit button to cycle through your Pixies if you need a particular Pixie to move or attack later in the same turn, rather than ending their turn.