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H Electronics
H Electronics.png
Manufacturer Details
Description History is repeating itself
Available Suits 131
Status Active
Representative Grace

H Electronics is a suit manufacturer that is listed in the Suit Library.

Company Description[]

The oldest manufacturer in history, and they produce sturdy machines.

This company emphasizes practicality and prefers standardized rather than unique designs.

Their suits typically feature giant central weapons surrounded by defensive features.

They are skilled at mass production and their suits are used as standard-issue equipment by the Alliance.

Many pixies prefer this company's suits because of the company's long history.




  • Dellingr Service Support
  • Dellingr Leader Assault
  • Gefjon Elite Bombardier
  • Desert Elite Assault
  • Gefjon Elite Support
  • Gefjon Leader Hammer
  • Nightmare Civilian Trooper
  • Dellingr Ensign Support
  • Nightmare Elite Bomber
  • Desert Ensign Hammer
  • Desert Ensign Cannon
  • Dellingr Standard Support
  • Dellingr Ensign Bombardier
  • Gefjon Service Support
  • Academy Standard Support
  • Jotunheim Office Support
  • Jotunheim Leader Hammer
  • Nightmare Nobleman Trooper
  • Vanaheimr Elite Bomber
  • Gefjon Ensign Hammer
  • Gefjon Ensign Cannon
  • Gefjon Elite Hammer
  • Gefjon Eagle Support
  • Vanaheimr Officer Bomber
  • Celestial Purple Athena
  • Jotunheim Empress Sniper
  • Academy Elite Support
  • Empress Army Sniper
  • Debris Ensign Support
  • Jotunheim Elite Hammer
  • Abuser Blue Trooper
  • Master Blue Blader
  • Jotunheim Eagle Support
  • Vanaheimr Leader Bomber
  • Celestial Gold Athena
  • Blue Brick Knight
  • Red Brick Knight
  • Academy Officer Support
  • Emergency Support Arrow
S3 (+1 ~ +3)[]
  • Rebellion Immortal (+1 ~ +3) Only
  • Alliance Immortal (+1 ~ +3) Only
  • Gefjon Hyper Gunner
  • Abuser Yellow Trooper
  • Master Red Blader
  • Vanaheimr Empress Bomber
  • Celestial Red Athena
  • Tactical Support Ryde
US (+1 ~ +3)[]