Master of Eternity Wiki

CV: Sasaki Hitomi / (Kr)Lim Yoonseon
Class Sniper
Preferred Suit Nimue
Original Faction Alliance
LV 30 LV 48
HP 18.0% 31%
MP 21.6% 37%
ATK 28.2% 49%
DEF 20.1% 35%
ACC 21.3% 37%
EVA 13.8% 24%
Preferred Gifts
★★ ★★★
Rare Bookmark

Item gift lacis 001.png

Manners Guide

Item gift lacis 002.png

Carl Sagan Book

Item gift lacis 003.png

How to Unlock[]

Speech upon recruiting[]

WAH! H-how may I help you?

No! I was, um, reading.

Oh, by the way, I'm Lacis. Nice to meet you, Master.


Skill Level Passive Awakening

Offense add action passive.png

Boost MP

Max mp up passive.png

Type E Power Up

Damage up elite passive.png

Shooting Star

Pixie lacis ultimate.png

1 If attacking 3 or more enemies, there is a 10% chance to perform an additional action. (Can only be activated once per turn) When entering a battle, Max MP is increased by 3%. Increases damage dealt to Elite enemies by 2%. Summons a heavenly shooting star to inflict 100% damage to all enemies. (CP:280 Recycle:10 Turns)
2 20% 6% 4% 109%
3 30% 9% 6% 118%
4 40% 12% 8% 127%
5 50% 15% 10% 136%
6 60% 18% 12% 145%
7 70% 21% 14% 154%
8 80% 24% 16% 163%
9 90% 27% 18% 172%
10 100% 30% 20% 181%

Pros & Cons[]

A character with high utility, Lacis gains an extra action when attacking three or more enemies if you invest enough skill points into her first passive. Her awaken skill deals less damage than Rachel's, but requires less CP to activate (280CP vs 340CP). Lacis's awakening skill also has synergy with her first passive, as long as there are at least three enemies on the map. The downside to Lacis's awakening skill is that 280CP is still a hefty amount of CP that could be used for other utility awakening skills. Overall, she is a good pixie as she can move and attack multiple times, frequently used.

Recommended Skill Trees
Skill 1 Skill 2 Skill 3 AWKN
Awakening Focused 10 2 3 9
Non-Awakening 10 5 8 2

Episode Guide[]

Episode Answers
Answer 1 Answer 2
Episode 1 Ophelia. By taking many tests.
Episode 2 I want to see her face without glasses!
Episode 3 Old Crux technical Book. I'll let the owner of the room handle it.
Episode 4 I want to try them on. Maybe I should beat around the bush- Beauty is only skin deep!
Episode 9 Have you always been so pretty? The universe is large, Lacis, and it's not dictated by one set of rules.

Genic Seed[]

+ HP% + MP% + ATK% + DEF% + ACC% + EVA%
Pixie Lvl 48 31.2 37.4 48.8 34.8 36.9 23.9
Genic Seed
Level 1 37.2 44.6 58.2 41.5 44.0 28.5
Level 2 43.2 51.8 67.6 48.2 51.1 33.1
Level 3 49.2 59.0 77.0 54.9 58.2 37.7
Level 4 55.2 66.2 86.4 61.6 65.3 42.3
Level 5 61.2 73.4 95.8 68.3 72.4 46.9
Level 6 67.2 80.6 105.2 75 79.5 51.5
Level 7
Level 8
Level 9

Voice Lines[]

"Master, I don't really know what kind of person you are yet."

"I don't know if I'll be much of a fighter."

"I'm doing my best to adapt to ship life."


"Is there anything you wanted to say?"


"I'm surprised I was able to become a soldier."

"I'd love to return to the Academy as soon as possible."

"There isn't a single video game that Lita doesn't know."

"Hmm? Sorry, I was thinking about something else."

"Um.. If you have no other business here, you can leave."

"I don't have much to say today. Sorry."

"Well, Master... That..."

"I'm going to need some more time to get used to the feel of combat."

"My friends from the Academy should be okay, right?"

"A good book is all I need to visit another world."

"Don't worry about it. I'm always pulling for you."

"I think you're a good person, Master."

"Thanks for talking to me."

"Ophelia has looked after me ever since I was at the Academy."

"My heart starts to beat faster when I read Karl Sagan."

"In the past, some people were able to fight with paper weapons. Or was it by using paper as a weapon..?"

"Huh? A gift? Th-Thank you."

"How did you know I like this kind of thing...? I'm grateful."

"I feel like I'm always on the receiving end. Thank you."

"Oh, Wow! This is... Thank you, Master. I'll treasure it always."

"Are you sure I can have this? Thank you."

"This must have been hard to find. As always, thank you."

"Master, there's something I'd like to say to you."

"Because of you, I've finally learned how to love myself."

"I'm no longer afraid of meeting people without my thick glasses on."

"If it weren't for you, I would've lived the rest of my life hiding behind my glasses."

"I love you, Master. Let me be with you forever."