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  • Operation is a side mission where you can recruit the specific pixie.
  • In order to do the operation, you need to fulfill the requirement and unlock the operation with gems.
  • Once unlocked, you will be able to access special missions.
    • Each mission has its own special mechanic.
    • Each mission can be cleared only once.
  • Specific pixie will be unlocked after you clear the last mission of the operation.
    • You still need to recruit the pixie by spending hearts.

Operation List[]

Operation List

Operation Pixie Academy Operation Pixie Academy

Academy Survivor Search and Rescue Operation Academy Survivor Search and Rescue Operation

Operation Planet Cibus Operation Planet Cibus

Operation Ship Repair Operation Ship Repair

Operation Junker Suit Operation Junker Suit

Operation Succubus Capture Operation Succubus Capture

Operation Devil Annihilation Operation Devil Annihilation

Arrival of the Demon Queen Arrival of the Demon Queen

Joining Heart and Music Joining Heart and Music

New Suit Delivery New Suit Delivery

Operation Ancient Relic Operation Ancient Relic

Operation Irene Operation Irene