General Information

  • Parts are divided into 3 categories are Attack, Defense and Utility.
  • Each suit can only equip 1 part of each category.
  • Equipped part cannot be removed, but can be replace by equipping a new part of the same category.


  • Rarity of parts range from C to S3.
  • Higher rarity part has better stats and more stat lines
  • Normal enemy can drop C to A parts. Elite enemy can drop B to S parts. Boss enemy can drops S to S3 parts


  • Later chapters/temples drop parts with higher level than the previous one.
  • Higher level part has better stat and bonus attached than the lower one.
  • Higher Level part is usually better than lower level part even with the higher quality. (e.g. lv.81 S part could be better than lv 61 S3 part)


Parts can be enhanced to improve their stats and bonus options.

Parts Enhancement.png

The cost to enhance a part is another part of the same or lower rank and a few credits. Using a part of a lower grade to feed an enhancement will give a chance for the enhancement to fail. When an enhancement has failed, the next enhancement on said part will have a small bonus success rate that can stack additively upon each failure.

The success rates of an enhancement and their upon-failure bonus, based on the fodder part grade are as follows:

The same grade: 100% success rate

1 grade below: 50% success rate, 10% bonus upon failure

2 grades below: 25% success rate, 5% bonus upon failure

3 grades below: 10% success rate, 2% bonus upon failure

4 grades below: 5% success rate, 1% bonus upon failure

A part cannot be enhanced with a fodder part that is 5 grades below. Thus, a C grade part cannot be used to enhance an S3 part.

Upon each successful enhancement, the parts’ stats and bonus options will improve by 10% of their base number. The parts name will also have +# added to it, with # being the number of successful enhancement the parts had undergo. Each part can only be enhanced 5 times, so a +5 part with 50% bonus to their base stats is the limit to how far it can improve.

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