Master of Eternity Wiki

Pixie 101[]

  • Each Pixie has a specific Class which affects what kind of suits she may use.
  • Pixies also have unique Skills, obtained through completing Episodes, and can be upgraded through Skill Points.
  • Pixie stats are the same as the ones found in suits, but give an added bonus along with the stats of the current suit.
  • In PvP, your best suit will be chosen as the "Leader" which has HP bonuses, and your second best suit will be chosen as the "Deputy". Be aware that the "Deputy" Pixie don't give added bonuses along with the stats of the current suit, so choose carefully.

Pixie Quarters[]


Episodes are affection based goal. A new passive ability will be unlocked upon clearing the first 3 episodes. Pixies will awaken upon completing the fourth episode. Awaken Pixies will receive a new look and gain an awakening ability. Completing episodes beyond the 4th episode gives an additional 2 skill points (up to 10 skill points). Completing Episode 9 with a Pixie will unlock her wedding outfit.

Completing episodes require you to make the correct choice when given the option. The correct choices will progress the episode, while wrong choices will lead to a failed result. Some episodes will require you to choose at two different times in the Episode. In which case you must pick the correct choices for both times or it will lead to a failed result.

You get a Perfect Clear of an episode when you return to view the Episodes again and explore every possible choice, including the choices that lead to failed Episodes. You can revisit old Episodes by going to the Showroom from the main menu and tapping on the Pixie herself as opposed to selecting the option to go straight to their quarters. Each Episode will have the Perfect text if you have selected all choices for that Episode.

Pixie Combat[]

Genic Seeding[]

After a Pixie is awakened, their stats can be further improved by genic seed. The materials needed for this can be obtained from clearing simulator stages. This feature is the largest heart sink of the game and it is recommended to refrain from buying gifts with hearts after the feature is unlocked.

Each stat increase need Genic Seed Gemstones, Memory Essence (Class), Crystals of (Stat) and hearts. All Pixies’ stats need to be seeded before they can have their Genic Seed rank upgraded. Once this is done, their stats can be further improved once again. Genic Seed rank upgrade cost a lot of hearts.

The table below shows how much hearts and genic seed materials are needed for each seed stat upgrade and rank up.

Genic Seed Gemstone Essence Crystal Stat Hearts Rank Up Hearts
Rank 1 1 9 45 48 500
Rank 2 2 18 90 90 1000
Rank 3 3 27 135 150 1500
Rank 4 5 45 225 300 2500
Rank 5 6 57 270 510 5000

Pixie Skills[]

Skill table[]

This table below shows the quantity needed in order to upgrade their passive and AWKN Skill. You can collect a total of 57 skill points by max-levelling a Pixie (1 skill point each level, for a total of 47, first level doesn't count) and clearing all her episodes (Each "Hidden" episode give you 2 skill points). To upgrade her skills, you need to go to the Hangar interface and choose the Pixie panel, then tap on the Pixie you want to do a skill upgrade, before tapping on the "Skill up" button.

NB: It costs 300 gems everytime you want to reset a pixie's skillset, so take any precautions before doing so.

Skill level Number of skill points needed to upgrade Accumulative Number of skill points
Level 1 (None) 0
Level 2 1 1
Level 3 2 3
Level 4 2 5
Level 5 3 8
Level 6 3 11
Level 7 4 15
Level 8 4 19
Level 9 5 24
Level 10 5 29