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Shop is the place where you can exchange your currency for some goods

Shop is divided in to many different tabs which are:

Event[edit | edit source]

Event tab will be available during the event period. This tab is mostly used for exchanging event currency into event goods.

Past event exchanges:

  • Magic Wands ⇨ Magical Lilia Costume
  • Keys ⇨ S3 ticket, S2 ticket, AP ticket, Enhancement Tickets
  • Soaps ⇨ Lovely Morning Costume

Hot![edit | edit source]

Hot! tab contains an offer that can be purchase using real money

Draw[edit | edit source]

Draw tab contain different type of Suit Gachas.

List of Suit Gacha:

  • Event Draw X10 [3000 Gems]: Only available during event period
  • High-class Suit [300 Gems]: Random B - S3+3 Grade
  • High-class Suit X10 [2500 Gems]: Random B - S3+3 Grade
  • Friendship Suit [100 FP]: Random B - S3+3 Grade
  • Friendship Suit X10 [1000 FP]: Random B - S3+3 Grade

Gem[edit | edit source]

Gem tab is where you purchase Gems using real money.

Credits[edit | edit source]

Credits tab is where you purchase Credits using Gems.

Hearts[edit | edit source]

Hearts tab is where you purchase Hearts using Gems.

Item[edit | edit source]

Several useful items can be purchased here using Gems. This is also where you can use your AP Tickets!

List of currently available items:

  • Lucky Box (Premium) - Item II 1 [200 Gems]: Gains random item
  • AP Restoration Ticket 1 [50 Gems]: Restores your AP by 170
  • AP Restoration Ticket 10+1 [500 Gems] (BEST USE OF YOUR EXCESSIVE GEMS)
  • Restores BP [25 Gems]: Restores your BP
  • BP Potion 10+1 [250 Gems]
  • Asgard Enhancement Ticket 10 [200 Gems]: Increases great success chance of suit enhancement by 50%
  • Asgard Enhancement Ticket 105 [2000 Gems]
  • Auto - Clear Ticket 10 [40 Gems]: Immediately complete 1 cleared Simulator Battle
  • Auto - Clear Ticket 100 [360 Gems]

Pixie Gift[edit | edit source]

Pixie Gift tab is where you purchase Pixie Gifts using Hearts.

  • You can buy 1 random gift for free every 1 hour.
  • You can buy a specific gift from Special Sale list.
  • Special Sale list will be refreshed every 6 hours
  • Random gift cost 25 Hearts
  • Specific ★ gift cost 10 Hearts
  • Specific ★★ gift cost 40 Hearts
  • Specific ★★★ gift cost 80 Hearts