Master of Eternity Wiki

Shop is the place where you can exchange your currency for some goods

Shop is divided in to many different tabs which are:


Event tab will be available during the event period. This tab is mostly used for exchanging event currency into event goods.

Past event exchanges:

  • Magic Wands ⇨ Magical Lilia Costume
  • Keys ⇨ S3 ticket, S2 ticket, AP ticket, Enhancement Tickets
  • Soaps ⇨ Lovely Morning Costume


Hot! tab contains an offer that can be purchase using real money


Draw tab contain different type of Suit Gachas.

List of Suit Gacha:

  • Event Draw X10 [3000 Gems]: Only available during event period
  • High-class Suit [300 Gems]: Random B - S3+3 Grade
  • High-class Suit X10 [2500 Gems]: Random B - S3+3 Grade
  • Friendship Suit [100 FP]: Random B - S3+3 Grade
  • Friendship Suit X10 [1000 FP]: Random B - S3+3 Grade


Gem tab is where you purchase Gems using real money.


Credits tab is where you purchase Credits using Gems.


Hearts tab is where you purchase Hearts using Gems.


Several useful items can be purchased here using Gems. This is also where you can use your AP Tickets!

List of currently available items:

  • Lucky Box (Premium) - Item II 1 [200 Gems]: Gains random item
  • AP Restoration Ticket 1 [50 Gems]: Restores your AP by 170
  • AP Restoration Ticket 10+1 [500 Gems] (BEST USE OF YOUR EXCESSIVE GEMS)
  • Restores BP [25 Gems]: Restores your BP
  • BP Potion 10+1 [250 Gems]
  • Asgard Enhancement Ticket 10 [200 Gems]: Increases great success chance of suit enhancement by 50%
  • Asgard Enhancement Ticket 105 [2000 Gems]
  • Auto - Clear Ticket 10 [40 Gems]: Immediately complete 1 cleared Simulator Battle
  • Auto - Clear Ticket 100 [360 Gems]

Pixie Gift[]

Pixie Gift tab is where you purchase Pixie Gifts using Hearts.

  • You can buy 1 random gift for free every 1 hour.
  • You can buy a specific gift from Special Sale list.
  • Special Sale list will be refreshed every 6 hours
  • Random gift cost 25 Hearts
  • Specific ★ gift cost 10 Hearts
  • Specific ★★ gift cost 40 Hearts
  • Specific ★★★ gift cost 80 Hearts