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Preferred Suits vs Non-Preferred Suits

Preferred and non-preferred are terminology for a suit that is personally owned by a pixie and a suit that is not. There are 2 main differences that set the two types of suits apart. Aside from that they are exactly the same.

  • Preferred suits are only obtainable by unlocking the pixie that pilots said preferred suit and/or through fp/gem gacha draws. Where as non-preferred suits (up to A-rank) can be obtain as drops from doing normal missions.
  • Preferred suit will evolve along the its evolutionary line and will never change into another suit when evolving to the next rank. Non-preferred suit on the other will evolve into some random suit of the next rank.  Non-preferred suit will never randomly evolve into a preferred suit.
    • For example, Leahs' preferred suit C-rank Kai will evolve into a B-rank Kai.
    • For example, a C-rank non-preferred assault suit will evolve into any non-preferred B-rank assault suit

Generally the benefit of using preferred suits is that your guarantee to have that same suit up to the highest rank. On the other hand non-preferred suits have a much wider pool of suits they can evolve into.

  • There is one exception: Upon the introduction of US-rank came with “brand” evolutionary mini-mini. By using a specific brand mini it will guarantee S3+3 rank non-preferred suits to evolve into the specify US-rank suit listed on the brand mini skills page. These brand minis CAN ONLY be used by non-preferred suits.

Suit Evolution (Rank C to Rank S3)

Evolution is the means to upgrade the rank of your suit. It needs 2 suits of the same grade at maximum level to do, of which one suit being the one to be evolved and the other being the evolution fodder material. Evolution also need other materials such as Crux Crystals and credits.

After the evolution, the suit will become a level 1 of the next rank and is weaker compared to the max level of the pre-evolved suit. The evolved suit will need a fair amount of levelling up before it would become stronger than its pre-evolved counterpart.

The fodder suit can be of different class than the evolving suit, it simply need to be of the same grade at its maximum level.


When a Preferred suit is evolved, it will rank up into the same unit of the next rank. A level 20 A-grade Standard Magata will evolve into a level 1 S-grade Mass Produced Magata with higher max level and better skills.

When a Graded (non-Preferred) suit is evolved, it will rank up into a random unit of the same class. There is no guarantee that the evolved suit will have the same type of skills as it had before it ranked up.

The upgraded suit will retain the parts it had before it is evolved. The parts that was equipped in the fodder suit will disappear.

S3 Modification

The next step after your rank s3 suits hit the level cap is to modify them. Just like evolution, modification will extend the maximum level of the suit and give it better skills. Unlike evolution, modification does not reset the suit level to 1 and will, instead, give the suit one extra level.

To do a modification, you will need an S3 unit at its maximum level, several modification materials, S3 Crux Crystals and a sum of credits.

This is an example of modification. The suit is an assault type and is being modified to +1. The materials it needs are: 15 Titanium Armor (Primary Material), 9 Nitinol (Secondary Material), 3 Launcher booster (Tertiary Material), 3 EMP Booster (Tertiary Material)

Magata Mod 1.png

This will extend the maximum level of the suit to 35 and upgrade it's basic attack damage. The name will change into +1 Magata.

The materials needed for further modifications are:

+1 : 15 S3 Crux, 15 primary material, 9 secondary material, 3 tertiary material, 3 tertiary material, 377000 credits

+2 : 20 S3 Crux, 20 primary material, 12 secondary material, 4 tertiary material, 4 tertiary material, 439000 credits

+3 : 25 S3 Crux, 25 primary material, 15 secondary material, 5 tertiary material, 5 tertiary material, 502000 credits

[Assault] Primary: Titanium Armor, Secondary: Nitinol, Tertiary: Launcher booster/EMP Booster

[Bombardier] Primary: Launcher Booster, Secondary: EMP Booster, Tertiary: Titanium Armor/Nitinol

[Support] Primary: Nitinol, Secondary: Launcher Booster, Tertiary: Titanium Armor/EMP Booster

[Sniper] Primary: EMP Booster, Secondary: Titanium Armor, Tertiary: Launcher booster/Nitinol

Suit Evolution (Rank US)

To evolve a suit to US rank, a level 45 S3+3 suit is needed. The materials needed are: Evolution Mini-Mini, S3 Crux Crystal, Rebellion Crux (according to the class) and credits.

There are 2 types of US evolution mini-minis: High Quality Evolution Mini-Mini (HQ Mini) and Brand Evolution Mini-Mini (Brand Mini).

To evolve a Preferred suit, an HQ Mini of the same class is needed in addition to 30 S3 Crux Crystals, 40 Rebellion Cruxes and 457000 credits.

US evo elder.png

Brand Mini cannot be used to evolve a Preferred suit.

To evolve a Graded suit, HQ mini can be used to get a random graded US rank suit of the same class. This will also need 30 S3 Crux Crystals, 40 Rebellion Cruxes and 457000 credits.

A Brand Mini can also be used to evolve a Graded Suit into a specific US suit according to the Brand Mini. This will need 40 S3 Crux Crystals, 50 Rebellion Cruxes and 457000 credits.

US Modification

Just like S3 suits, US suits can be modified to increase the suit's maximum level by 10 and raise its level by one.

US mod 1.png

The materials needed for this modifications are :

+1 : 20 US Crux, 20 Rebellion Cruxes, 12 secondary material, 4 tertiary material, 4 tertiary material and 686000 credits

Primary, seconday, and tertiary materials are the same as the ones used for S3 modification