Master of Eternity Wiki

General Info[]

  • Temples are the place to farm for parts
  • Higher difficulty temple drops higher level parts
  • Elite enemy could drop A or higher rank equipment when destroyed
  • Boss enemy could drop S or higher rank equipment when destroyed
  • After winning the last stage of any temple, you can select 1 random part from 3 choices as a bonus reward
    • You can pay [100 gems] for to choose another part from the pool and another [350 gems] to get the 3rd choice.
    • The parts from the selection page will always rank of S2 or higher.
  • After you conquered the temple once, the option for "Auto Exploration" will be available
  • After collecting "Auto Exploration" rewards, you have a chance to encounter a boss fight which you could get an equipment of S rank or higher with some Evolution/Modification materials as winning reward

List of Temples[]

Page 1

Aries Temple Aries Temple

Taurus Temple Taurus Temple

Gemini Temple Gemini Temple

Cancer Temple Cancer Temple

Leo Temple Leo Temple

Page 2

Virgo Temple Virgo Temple

Libra Temple Libra Temple

Scorpio Temple Scorpio Temple

Sagitarius Temple Sagitarius Temple

Capricorn Temple Capricorn Temple

Page 3

Aquarius Temple Aquarius Temple

Pisces Temple Pisces Temple

Ophiuchus Temple Ophiuchus Temple

Schwarzschild Temple Schwarzschild Temple

P.S. Special thanks to Pink2 for information related to temples guide.